Adam Rasnow

Senior UAV Solutions Consultant / FAA Part 107 Pilot

As a young child, I had a healthy obsession with both remote controlled vehicles and photography. As soon as DJI released their first Phantom series of drones, I immediately knew that there would be drones in my future. Early on, I saw way beyond the recreational use of these vehicles and started to think of all the commercial uses this technology could bring to the workplace. I quickly saw how this could be the next big disruptive technology and I committed to myself to being involved with this industry in one way or another.

That opportunity came in 2013 when a colleague of mine started a side business providing aerial photography using traditional fixed-wing aircraft to take photos for his clients. He quickly changed over to drones as they became more affordable and I started by being his visual observer and then his Remote Pilot in Command for the next few years. Little did I know that this would be the start of a new career path for me. In 2017 when this business was being sold, I quickly jumped at the chance to buy it and have been flying commercially as an FAA Part 107 pilot ever since.

On a full-time basis, for the last 20+ years, I have worked as an account executive and business development specialist for several national IT firms. I provided end to end technology solutions for my clients using a consultative sales approach. I have recently decided to take the plunge and use the skills I've acquired during my first career and apply them to the UAV industry.

I joined the ConnexiCore team because they share my passion and enthusiasm for this very young, but rapidly growing and dynamic technology, Not only do they possess the vision, they have the capability to effectively use the vast amounts of data that these UAV systems can acquire. IoT will be a game changer for many industries and ConnexiCore is able to show companies how to use this data to their benefit.

Any spare time I have, I try to spend outdoors as much as possible. My wife of almost 20 years and my 3 teenage boys, keep us going non-stop. All 3 boys are on the path to becoming Eagle Scouts which keeps them pretty busy too. When we are not engaged in a scouting event or meeting, we enjoy camping, kayaking, hiking, biking and fishing.