Carla Virola

Senior Communications Solution Consultant

Ever since Carla can remember she’s had a fascination with people and technology. In her early life, her creative ambitions as a vocalist, musician and songwriter took her to the Grammys and write-ups in Billboard. It was the unexpected and volatile unpredictability of that profession that led her to technology quite by accident.

From Deregulation of the telco’s where dial tone could be offered by competitors other than AT&T, to the birth of the Cloud vision, she has marketed and sold everything from dial tone to wholesale bandwidth to the application and cloud/SaaS layer to her clients in the Fortune 1000 space. Her greatest success was deploying a proprietary web client to 100K desktops for her manufacturing client in the Fortune 100. Living through this success and many others in the streaming, video, bandwidth and cloud product lines, has poised Carla to be a go-to leader that clients entrust their business to.

Carla’s dual track in life has served her well, her clients and partners trust her thought leadership when discussing all things, IT and cloud because she’s seen the evolution and though not an engineer understands the foundation that was laid and sees a great future with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Drone technology.

She witnessed the creation of data points with the advent of email and internet traffic. Social media truly introduced the capability to harness and analyze trend data in the second wave. Being able to trend the data allows them to optimize operations, ultimately keeping them ahead of their competition. Most importantly, Carla’s passion to positively impact an organization bottom line by solving business challenges with technology gives her clients the edge. 

Being a creative individual, the thought of being able to re-imagine and recreate her client’s business models via technology is an incredible driver and motivation for her. Carla still performs as a vocalist/DJ when she can because she is a creative person and loves living in both worlds. Technology and the arts continue to be reinvented and it is this prospect that keeps Carla firmly planted in both worlds.

She is excited for all the possibilities of AI, and drone technology in this next wave of innovation via ConnexiCore, a company paving the way for the future, today.