Glenn Johnson

Director of Operations

Glenn Johnson got his professional start in the early 1980’s inside the engineering and production industry. Upon graduating from technical school in Boston MA, he was able to quickly develop an early appreciation for a product’s functional design and manufacturing processes as well as Quality Control/Assurance, which serves him well to this day.

Later, Glenn spent almost 15 years developing his skills in the Automotive Service industry, working with a number of high line auto manufacturers, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche/Audi, as well as dealers whose clientele expected the very best in customer service. This also allowed Glenn to develop his business acumen which he brought forward in his career.

With a growing urge to help customers and colleagues at a deeper level, Glenn made his break into the Telecommunications Industry in the mid 1990’s, first as a Customer Service Trainer, and then brought his expertise in house to develop training programs and support for a leading Systems Integrator, in various roles as Product Manager, National Sales Trainer, Product and Training Manager, Vendor Relations Management, Presales Engineer and Solutions Architect and earned several industry and technology certifications and credentials.

Glenn holds a unique blend of business acumen and keen eye for detail not found in many, and has steadily won the respect of industry thought leaders. We are excited to have Glenn join us as a key part of the ConnexiCore base of resources.