Jessica Klee

FAA Part 107 Pilot / Audio|Video Recording Engineer & Producer

Jessica has been an avid aviation enthusiast all of her life. Holding an Airline Transport Pilot Pilots License in USA as well as Canada, she has acquired over 8600 flight hours in conventional fixed-wing aircraft with experiences ranging from Part 135, 91 operations to bush flying in remote northern areas, as well as flight instruction.

She was also introduced to RC modeling at a young age and has put in quite a few hours of “stick time” over the years, which facilitated an effortless transition into drone flying. She acquired her FAA Part 107 sUAS (drone) certificate in 2016 and has flown many commercial drone missions since.

Jessica not only excels in her skills as a pilot, but in her drive to maintain the highest standard in safety as well. She has successfully completed a wide range of training courses mandatory as a commercial pilot, ranging from certified FAA FFS Level C & D (full motion flight simulators), to academic courses such as:

  • Crew Resource Management
  • Pilot Decision Making
  • Human Factors
  • Transportations of Dangerous Goods

On the production side of her talents and skillsets, Jessica also has an equally impressive background in audio and video production. She has been involved in the professional audio/video industry for 30 plus years with extensive experience in a wide range of video production, as well as recording, mixing, mastering audio.

Her freelance experiences include working with Fox News in New York City as a video editor, mixing audio for major sports events at the NBC Sports Group in Stamford CT and working countless hours in many recording studios, as well as her own studio in the Greater Hudson Valley region of New York. She has operated a wide variety of cameras and video equipment over the years and has put countless hours into post production using industry standard digital video editing software. She takes great pride in getting a great shot in our companies creative venue and her attention to detail will ensure excellent data acquisition for analytics.

She has a drive for success, a passion for aviation / videography and endeavors to facilitate in getting the highest quality deliverables for our clients. ConnexiCore is very proud to have Jessica on our team!

Drone footage by Jessica Klee