Lionel Hickenbottom

FAA Part 107 Pilot/Trainer | Producer & Video Editing Consultant

Lionel Hickenbottom, is the CEO/Founder of PauWau Visions Media LLC. Hickenbottom originated from Dolton/Chicago Illinois, as a well-known Allstar athlete at Paul Robeson High School on the Southside of Chicago's Englewood neighborhood, later went to further his education at NIU. (Northern Illinois University) He received a 4-year Letterman as a Student Athlete, becoming 2004 Team Co-Captain and 2004 Silicon Valley Football Classic Defensive MVP. He received his Undergraduate Degree in Communication of Media Studies in 2004.

In 2005, he began to work various projects in the Film Industry as an extra, stand-in, and as an inspiring filmmaker, he began filming independent projects as a Director, Cinematographer, Producer and Video Editor. Furthermore, with the knowledge Hickenbottom obtained throughout his college career in Media Studies, allowed him to a become an Elite All-Star film maker specializing in Directing, Producing, Video Editing, and Operating Drones. This has allowed him to earn multiple IMDB credits in the Film Industry.

Certified since 2017 by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to conduct (UAV) Unmanned Air Vehicles. PauWau Visions Media LLC is a company who values its customers satisfaction. We believe in integrity and dignity when delivering our final product. We believe a Solution to a problem when dealing with any form of visual storytelling, is often being able to align all the right film in the proper places, for the best visual to be brought to screen. Lionel's passion for film is beyond all measures. ConnexiCore is proud to have part of our elite team!

Drone footage by Lionel Hickenbottom