Philip Hurst

Senior Photography/Cinematography Consultant-Chief UAV Pilot

Philip’s background as an Architect combined with his experience as a Content and Video Producer allows him to bring a unique approach to aerial imaging projects. Methodical planning and collaboration ensure that each mission achieves its ultimate objectives. Flight experience includes Inspire 2, quads, fixed gear and FPV platforms in single-pilot and dual-operator configurations. He has logged more than 1000 hours flight experience over multiple platforms including the Hexacopter, the Inspire I, Inspire II Mavic Pro, Mavic pro-2, the Phantom 4 Pro, and the Phantom 4 RTK and hand built cinematic freestyle FPV drones. He is certified for night drone operations.

Mr. Hurst has worked with brands such as Nissan, Columbus Crew (MLS Soccer), The Leveque Tower Hotel, Luxury real-estate agents as well as mid-sized film productions and brand products. He has a degree in Architecture, from the University of Cincinnati which proves beneficial to his sense of visualization, design, and special awareness. Philip also works not only with Aerial media but is also a Director of Photography and founded a media production company Philip Hurst Media LLC in 2020.

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