Sam Ambar

Manager of Field Operations Chief UAV (RPIC)

A certified Remote Pilot with hands-on experience in the commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry, Sam brings extensive knowledge to his role as Senior Remote Pilot In Command for ConnexiCore. As Senior RPIC, Sam has planned and coordinated numerous UAS flight missions across a diverse range of industries, including T&D, real estate, facade inspections, mapping, and more.

Sam’s expertise and leadership have played an integral part in the success of many large projects, including serving as the Senior Pilot on an electric utility transmission drone inspection project, where he spearheaded daily mission planning for flight crews, secured airspace authorizations under Part 107 for operations in controlled airspace, and provided training for visual observers and sUAS pilots.

With a sharp focus on safety, precision, and quality, Sam brings a collaborative and customer-centric approach to all projects and is committed to delivering superior results that exceed expectations.