Shaun MacWilliams

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot / (UAV) Solutions Consultant

Shaun MacWilliams has 20+ years of sales management experience and is a Penn State Economics graduate. Shaun has a strong background in information technology for commercial construction. His integrity and ethics make him a pleasure to work with. His perseverance and business acumen make him dynamic solutions provider, able to create, refine, and deploy solutions outside the box, and creatively solve problems and is a team player that is able to adapt at virtually any level.

Shaun has had a strong technical and inquisitive mind since he was a little boy. What was once a yearning for flight, that bird’s eye view, model rocketry, RC aircraft, RC helicopters, computers, and gadgets has now grown into an expertise in Drone based applications like; DJI, Drone Deploy, Photoshop and many other applications controlling powerful AI sensors we are now able to fly with. He received his FAA Part 107 a few months after it became available, after which he has spent a majority of his time honing his (UAV) piloting skills and getting experience in AEC, Agriculture, Insurance Inspections, and Energy and Utility vertical industries.

Drone footage by Shaun MacWilliams