Zach Stone

Senior UAS Sales Executive

Zach Stone brings extensive experience to ConnexiCore as a highly skilled drone pilot, accumulating an impressive record of over 3500 hours of UAV flights spanning various industries. Having successfully transitioned from an account executive to the drone/UAS industry, Zach joins the ConnexiCore team as a Senior UAS Sales Executive, bringing his sales expertise back to the forefront of his career.

Zach’s achievements within the drone industry include several major utility projects in California, with a specialization in telecom and transmission & distribution. Notably, he played a pivotal role in the largest breakout telecom project to date, showcasing his exceptional abilities in handling intricate and complex assignments.

With a strong focus on team building and development, Zach’s innovative mindset extends beyond piloting and sales. Using a solution-driven approach, Zach leverages his business acumen and drone expertise to develop intelligent solutions that meet and exceed the needs and expectations of ConnexiCore clients nationwide.