turf solutions

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are revolutionizing the turf industry, introducing golf course superintendents and general managers to never-before-seen course data and actionable analysis. Through the use of UAVs, superintendents and general managers can now identify areas of plant stress that cannot be seen with the naked eye, in addition to browning or yellowing of turf. Aerial imagery also provides insight into water distribution patterns, identifying specific areas where water applications can be reduced while maintaining healthy turf, aesthetics and enhancing playability.

As a result of the getting the right data, problem areas and treatment progress are easily tracked. One can easily detect areas of stress and seek opportunities for water reduction. Software solutions highlight the targeted areas, follow-up tasks can be better managed, and progress can be monitored over time, including stressed areas and high flourishing.

mapping key course features

The production of current maps and 3D renderings of the golf course allows the golf course superintendent or GMs to see overall course health and areas of turf stress. Utilizing these easy-to-use tools, superintendents and maintenance crews can monitor all course features, including equipment and areas of interest, ranging from sprinkler heads to turf stress. The targeted areas include:

  • Hole boundaries
  • Holes
  • Fairways
  • Greens
  • Sand bunkers

The benefit of software solutions

The benefit of using software solutions clearly demonstrates how course management can be conducted with unmatched precision. Aerial imagery is transformed into actionable data. Specific turf problems such as yellowing/browning spots requiring chemical and potentially over-watered areas are easily identified & tracked.

Each critical area can be monitored over time to show reduction in turf browning and redistribution of water from over greened areas, even if it's not visible to the human eye. All areas for consideration will include yellowing, light browning, moderate mrowning, severe nrowning and high flourishing.

Areas of stress can be tracked from flight to flight and included in reports showing progress towards turf health and aesthetic goals. Software solutions allow for up-dates on turf health progress using your desktop or mobile device. As a result, golf course management is totally focused on data.

Progress by Location

Tracking specific turf problems such as yellowing/browning spots and potential over watered areas is now the NORM. Each critical area can be monitored over time & location to show reduction in turf browning and redistribution of water from overly green areas.

The New Water Plan

Become a water conservation champion. Create a water conservation strategy to identify specific areas where water applications can be reduced or reallocated. Measure progress towards your water plan and make improvements to continue optimizing water applications. The Turf Stewardship Program promotes healthy turf management while maximizing water use efficiency. This is especially important in drought states. Proudly share your club’s commitment to Water

Stewardship planning and reduction efforts by sharing a detailed course management report with key stakeholders such as:

  • Membership
  • Green committees
  • Board of directors
  • Water districts
  • Local media
  • Adjoining home owners & HOAs
  • Club marketing efforts

Why ConnexiCore?

ConnexiCore is partnered with Turf.Solutions, a leading technology company providing comprehensive solutions for UAV flight services, aerial image analysis, and task management. As a result, you can maximize turf health, aesthetics and playability, while reducing water usage and costs (including chemicals & nutrients). This software can be white labeled to highlight your own branding.

  • High performance UAV craft platforms
  • Actionable data and intuitive software tools
  • Trained pilots
  • FAA commercially approved