ConnexiCore associates know the value of integrating new technologies and services into existing business processes. We routinely consult with a wide variety of businesses to help them streamline their Business Processes, and by default, positively impact their efficiency and bottom line.

As part of our consulting practice, ConnexiCore offers training and consulting in the following areas:

  • Business Process Improvement
  • Internal Marketing/Branding
  • Corporate Training in Sales/Technical/Managerial
  • And More...
  • Sales Development 
  • Client End User Training
  • Process Tools and Forms

Business Process Integration

Our business process integration and training begins before and after new technology implementation or can even be positioned as a stand-alone service. From the design stage onward, we educate and inform key personnel in your organization about system functionalities and how to use them. To ensure the seamless introduction of new systems that impact business operations, our notification systems with inform those in your organization of the particular and relevant highlights of all the information for the transition. For example, we may educate on how to login to new systems, access necessary documentation, and how best to utilize that information to enable greater efficiencies within their own workload, within their department(s) processes, and within the organization as a whole. In addition to the information necessary for a smooth transition, self- paced training videos that fully guide each user to their new hardware and software can be made available. We offer varied options for remote support, as well as the popular onsite model offering comprehensive training courses designed to help you get the most from your investment. We offer basic to advanced comprehensive instructor-led courses and web-based training courses throughout the year for users looking to learn about their systems, platforms and applications.

Business Process and Design

To achieve the highest level of success, it is essential to use a systematic approach to identify and prioritize your business process improvements. Faced with competing budgets and objectives, many companies get caught struggling to make the choice to improve business processes in an effort to save shrinking revenue dollars. There are a number of adages that attest to this - "you have to spend money to make money", or "you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette" etc... Quite frankly, mapping out a strategy that maximizes your investment is often a function that many organizations cannot undertake internally. This is where ConnexiCore can help!  

ConnexiCore's success and experience will help you bring functional, line-of-business teams into the planning process — ensuring accountability for business improvements, building engagement across the enterprise, and enhancing business outcomes. Bringing distinctive capabilities to market requires business process consultants to develop, customize and manage multiple applications that address a broad range of client requirements and business needs.

Our dedicated consultants are available to assess your environment and develop a strategic road-map, then architect workflow and business process solutions to meet your needs, optimize your operations, and manage your costs. At ConnexiCore we have the capabilities to support your efforts through the entire program cycle, helping you to identify costs and best practices, integrate changes to core business processes and plan for roll-out, user training and adoption of the new systems.

Rapid technological change means enterprises are now turning to Business Process Consultants for new customer experience capabilities, including artificial intelligence, video integration, social media and mobility applications, just to name a few. Businesses now seek a seamless experience that redefines what it means to engage with their customers.

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