CAPE drone telepresence

Enhancing Drone Operational Safety, Ease of Use, and Early Situational Awareness for Public Safety

CAPE makes drones safe and usable by Subject Matter Experts.

Traditionally, the complexity of drones and the need to have onsite, drone experts in order to operate them has limited their impact in the public safety space.

CAPE removes those limitations, offering an easy to use, safe, and cost-effective platform that allows for the drones to be remotely operated; drone techs conduct a simple pre-flight checklist and launch the drone.

  • Remote operators - using a computer from anywhere in the world -- conduct the flight, choosing their preferred level of automation, to capture and stream the video needed
  • Flight data including date/time/route, which drone, user etc. is stored on the Cape Cloud
  • The ability to create default and custom geo-fences including minimum and maximum altitudes for each flight increases overall safety

Law Enforcement & Fire Response with Drones

  • Every agency is measured on their response time - drone response is an opportunity for improvement on this KPI
  • Drone Response Units today are not as prevalent as regular shift units - response times are even longer
  • Strive for the benefits of rapid response!

Watch the Chula Vista Police Department enact a simulation for a possible active shooter using drones and CAPE telepresence software.

Law Enforcement & Fire Response with Drones Today vs Using Cape drone Technology

TODAY (without CAPE)

  • The drone response vehicle often is called to the scene several minutes after first arriving units - results are response time of over 15 minutes from original call dispatch
  • Upon arrival there is unboxing and pre-flight set up time before take off - typically an additional 5+ minutes - final results are 20+ minutes lost before any video is available!


  • Deploy a powered up, standby drone from rooftops within 1 minute of original dispatch
  • Fly directly to scenes and in many cases arrive prior to first ground units thereby decreasing response time
  • Benefits include Rapid Situational Awareness and Actionable Intelligence via real time streaming video to all authorized viewers - ground units, incident commanders, dispatch within 5 minutes of initial dispatch
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