In partnership with Delair, ConnexiCore offers a plethora of aerial data analysis packages. ConnexiCore Analytics helps to easily centralize all your data from any source in one platform. Harnessing the power of your visual data our robust analytics platform is designed to aggregate, manage and analyze data from all professional drones.

Mapping drones are revolutionizing the way land surveyors and construction professionals use aerial technology, enabling huge time and money savings over traditional methods. UAVs let GIS professionals acquire, process and deliver land surveying data in a timely, accurate and safe way. ConnexiCore drone and data solutions automatically generate advanced analytics such as orthomosaics, map creation, digital surface models (DSMs), 3D point clouds and more. Drone data can instantly be used for taking measurements, volume or stockpile calculations, emergency damage mapping. Our unmanned aerial drones perform any data capture even in the high altitude spots or corridor mapping.


Automatically detect and classify different classes of objects from an RGB orthophoto and tag-detected objects in 2D layers. Aerial data collection and the valuable business insights derived from these unmanned aerial systems are rapidly improving dozens of industry workflows by automating the data extraction process by using both human and artificial intelligence integration.


Surveys are a digital twin of a specific moment in time within a project/location. Survey data sets can be created using drone data or data from other sources, such as project layer files of construction as-builts, future mine plans, or even previously processed data from other sources such as manned aircraft, ground-based sensors, or human surveys.


Professional-quality map products from images. Upload geotagged images from your drone, tag GCPs and adjust and stitch your photos to create photogrammetry deliverables including a point cloud, digital surface model, orthomosaic image, and 3D mesh. Gain a holistic view of your sites, progress, and operations across your company with data sets including:


Share surveys and current field conditions within your organization and with contractors. Annotate, tag individuals, discuss findings, upload attachments, and make speedier, more-informed decisions.

Gain a holistic view of your sites, field inputs, crop yields, and overall operational efficiency and productivity of your company.


ConnexiCore Analytics through Delair’s Ag solution alleviates the typical phenotyping bottleneck by providing stakeholders with the tools for greater efficiency and transparency throughout each trial. Counting and qualifying the success (and thus validity) of trial implantation early in the season by walking rows of crops is subjective and difficult to document thoroughly.

Surveys via UAV automates the process, assisting you with eliminating invalid microplots. Throughout the crop season, traits and plant responses are measured from the air, enabling more precise, repeatable, and standardized recording that can be benchmarked spatially, compared via time-series comparison tools, and assessed by multiple experts across your organization. The digital twins of your field generated during each trial can seamlessly be integrated into your organization’s workflow (compatible with a variety of common business software applications).


In between planting and harvesting, monitoring crops is time-consuming and inconsistent. Failure to detect stress (such as vulnerabilities from water or disease) or to misjudge production volumes or the optimal harvest date can lead to high financial and operational ramifications. Delair’s Ag solution adds autonomous, realtime plant insights that can inform precision practices and help with more accurate forecasting. High-value crop stakeholders look to the Delair Ag solution for valuable insights on the health of their crops both at the field level and the individual plant level, assisting with decisions around ‘the what’ and ‘the where’ that in the past were difficult to understand with such clarity.


Commercial drones are changing the way the power & utility industry inspects and surveys generation facilities, transmission and distribution infrastructure, terrain, and assets’ surroundings such as vegetation, buildings, and roads. This technology enables the rapid, repeatable, and safe analysis of high-resolution imagery of difficult-to-access equipment.

ConnexiCore provides complete aerial intelligence solutions for the power & utilities industry, whether it be for scheduled site surveys, infrastructure inspections, or in response to outages that need immediate attention. Customers can capture valuable asset data and can continue the commitment to keep employees safe while delivering reliable high-quality service their customers know and expect.



With the Advanced Stockpiles analytic you get greater visibility of your inventory to help you follow up the use of the materials, plan to provision and more easily attain accounting goals.

Save time with this automated reporting toolset that eliminates the need to manually measure stockpiles by automatically identifying and measuring stockpiles for you. The quality and precision of the results are assured thanks to a quality check made by ConnexiCore/Delair experts, allowing you to perform even the most complex volume calculation with ease.

Automated stockpiles reports save you time and enable you to deliver information to the stakeholders timely and accurately. View individual volumes, areas, heights, & tonnage, by simply hovering over a stockpile. Easily export this information to your ERP software to fulfill your accounting objectives. Both visual reports (.pdf) and tabular reports (.xls) are created.