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David Heath turned a background in aviation into a career that connects the drone industry with public policy. As a founding member of the PA Drone Association, he regularly advocates for policies, regulations, and new initiatives to enable the drone industry to not only grow, but to benefit the public good.

In addition to providing the drone community with access to government programs, he also helps legislators better understand the dynamics and nature of the drone business. He’s also worked with state and local governments to create more opportunities in the industry, as well as helping them to start a Drone Center of Excellence.

Today's Guest

David Heath is a passionate and motivated aviation management and policy consultant, who has spearheaded and supported many innovative and strategic initiatives. David has engaged legislators while drafting and amending public policy for the economic growth of the manned and unmanned aviation community on behalf of the Aviation Council of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Drone Association. He also serves as a Lead Rep and Drone Pro for the Harrisburg FSDO.

David attended Penn State University where he studied Energy Engineering and Energy Business and Finance. 

As a Principal of BBP Solutions, David assists clients with public outreach, advocacy, and organizational development opportunities. He has solidified strategic partnerships and facilitated collaborative programs, while elevating clients’ visibility on the state, national, and global scale.

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