drones for precision agriculture

taking action with aerial imagery

  • Improve irrigation efficiency
  • Optimize fertilization plans
  • Forecast yields more accurately
  • Identify plants to be culled
  • Target pesticides applications
  • Improve field labor deployment

For generations farmers have walked their fields inspecting crops manually for signs of stress, disease, and vigor. Irrigation management, crop inspection, spraying of pesticides, all use traditional labor intensive methods, which are time consuming, and can be difficult as crop canopies thicken. Using Drone technology, farmers can now evaluate their crops at scale, while simultaneously creating vegetation maps that help them manage their crops - and their time - better.

Aerial-based thermal imaging has also become an important tool for agricultural management. It is a non-invasive way to monitor crops, nurseries and greenhouses and even detect plant disease.

Aerial assessments and data gathering within the farming sector provides key information such as: 

  • Plant Vigor
  • Plant Stress
  • Plant Counts
  • Field Uniformity
  • Plant Height
  • Other Variables

This information can be used to predict the need for fertilizer inputs, irrigation modifications, peak harvest, overall crop health, and ultimate, crop yield/value. Industrial farmers can now leverage these technologies, since they allow for better business decisions relating to agricultural issues.

how agricultural drones work

ConnexiCore UAV Drones fly to count crops, identify crop stress, and assess yields.

Review analyzed flight imagery and share with your agronomist and staff.

Directly target problem areas, verify ground-truth, and apply treatment as your team determines.

plant vigor assessment AND identification

Our vigor assessment isolates areas where vegetation is lacking, or experiencing some form of stress. Using this imagery, growers can identify areas requiring immediate action and create a treatment plan, resulting in reduced application costs and increased yields.

  • Quickly identify area of stress
  • Review ground-truth with your agronomist
  • Convert agronomist diagnosis into an action plan

flight summary reports

Review key findings and areas of interest in a comprehensive flight summary report. Compare reports from multiple flights to monitor progress and share improvements with landowners, lenders, insurance providers and more.

Download a sample report: "The Agriculture Industry is Harnessing the Power of Drones Year Round"

See an example of the data and insights we could be generating with less cost, in less time.