DRONES FOR Media and Marketing

drones for Media and Marketing

  • Video & Images for TV, Social Media, Websites and Advertising
  • Weddings, Anniversaries and Parties
  • Cinematography and Film
  • Sales of Boats, Cars and other Vehicles
  • Virtual Tours for Golf Courses, Hotels, Resorts, Lodge, Parks, Marinas
  • Land Development Media
  • Tour Experience Promotion
  • Events and Activities Marketing
  • Action Sport Photography
  • School Sporting Events
  • Promotional Aerial Imagery for Tourism and City/Regional Promotions

Drone multimedia and marketing imagery offer an incredibly affordable new point of view. No longer does cost restrict the perspective you can present. Drone services offers you amazing images and video to compliment your advertising efforts, social media marketing, as well as promotional campaigns. Using ConnexiCore Drone services, a potential client looking through this new lens will be thrilled to find that their business, project, or special event will be professionally represented with stunning visual content.