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VOLATUS provides cinematic drone videography services for a range of applications, including:

Transform your video marketing with Volatus Unmanned Services – your reliable North American Commercial Drone Services partner for comprehensive aerial video coverage and production. Reap the benefits of our expansive FAA-certified drone pilot network, cutting-edge multimedia technology and state-of-the art production services that guarantee stunning location shots across North America & Caribbean. With an unbeatable combination of creative enthusiasm plus first-class technical capabilities we ensure you get exactly what you need to take your business to new heights.

Sample of Volatus Unmanned Services cinematic video work

Video content is a vital component of any successful marketing strategy. A recent study revealed that 92% of marketers agree on the importance and value it holds for their businesses, which has led to an increase in video production today. To make your videos stand out from the competition, consider adding drone videography as part of your project. This type of videography uses drones to capture footage from unique aerial perspectives that can help create more engaging and effective visuals than traditional methods alone. With these high-quality visuals available, you’ll be able to grab viewers’ attention while providing them with memorable experiences they won’t forget.

Volatus Unmanned Services takes your production to the next level with stunning aerial footage at a fraction of traditional costs. Our extraordinary services include cinematic video, FPV drone video (first person view) and 360-degree VR drone videos plus high-resolution stills – all backed by our expertly trained pilots for an amazing sense of realism.

Drone camera moves explained

We are fully covered for insurance, including (workers compensation, aviation liability, general liability, professional, and umbrella). Volatus Unmanned Services will handle all airspace authorizations through the FAA in conjunction with LAANC or DroneZone. We will also seek to obtain any applicable waivers when needed.

Whether it’s pre-production brainstorming, on-location filming, or post-production editing, Volatus Unmanned Services is ready to partner with your crew and help bring your vision to life.

Featured Work

Cinematography and prop work for a commercial

Documentary for HBO

FPV flythrough at a classic car showroom

Racetrack Coverage

Footage for a network television episode

Wood Work Company Commercial

Our team is equipped to provide comprehensive UAV solutions for your business needs, offering creative designs and cutting-edge aerial platforms that are capable of integrating seamlessly with existing processes. We have the expertise needed to ensure efficient data transfer and remote logging services, helping you maximize the potential of these advanced technologies. Our end-to-end service delivery sets us apart as a leading provider in this field—enabling businesses everywhere to leverage powerful UAV capabilities for their success.

At Volatus Unmanned Services, we have a strong belief that leveraging collaboration is the key to accomplishing incredible outcomes. Our team of professionals are eager and excited to be part of your video production planning process! With years worth of expertise in this field, our involvement can truly elevate your videos into remarkable cinematic pieces while also helping you save on resources such as time and money – without compromising superior quality.

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