Drones for Architectural Engineering & Construction

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  • Improve Real Time Monitoring
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    Improve Workflow Efficiency
  • Enable Faster Tracking of Assets
  • Communicate Progress Faster
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    Catch Conflicts Sooner
  • Identify Hazards and Enhance Safety
  • Mitigate Dirty, Dangerous, and Dull Jobs
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    Identify Trends — Good or Bad

Construction is an industry where UAV usage will, before very long, experience mainstream adoption. The amount of time and money saved by deploying a drone into a construction project is too much to ignore; for companies that run multiple projects at a time, a high-tech UAV will be a staple you’ll wonder how you ever lived without!

Project Planning and Land Surveying

Surveying a job site is a snap with a ConnexiCore, which simply follows a set flight path (by itself) and, with our smart software, can build an incredibly useful 3D map of the entire area.  You’ll save all kinds of time; your data will be MORE accurate, and you’ll save big on deploying a costly ground team as well as surveying tools.

Progress Monitoring

Regardless of the scope of your project, a client (or boss) will want to know how the work is coming along.  With periodic ConnexiCore drone flights, you can simply and quickly show advancement on the project at any level of detail you wish.

Structure Inspection

Inspecting structures on site, whether new or pre-existing, is done simply, inexpensively and most of all, safely, keeping humans from unnecessary peril.  Inspection is an area where high-tech drone usage is already beginning to explode.

Monitor Multiple Job Sites

For firms that run several large projects at a time, a simple flyover saves a superintendent or manager a trip by clearly showing detailed footage of any aspect of the job that needs to be analyzed.

Inventory/Material Management

ConnexiCore drones are equipped with high-tech cameras and sensors that provide invaluable data regarding material and aggregate inventory. An easy flyover provides amazingly accurate measurements of piles of materials such as sand, gravel, crushed stone, clay and more. No more spending days at a time walking and measuring piles and shelling out big money hiring costly surveyors; accurate measurements can now be provided same day. Information like this is invaluable in conducting audits and staying within budget.

Safety Management

Periodic flyovers simply to inspect specific areas of the job that may present safety hazards can save company thousands, if not millions in the long run. Areas positioned high off the ground can be easily inspected in detail, at no danger to an inspector or employee.

Stay on Track and Under Budget

Continuous monitoring of a job site via ConnexiCore helps to unearth small issues before they turn into big ones and provides valuable data that helps to keep projects from going over budget, while keeping a team focused on the goals at hand.

Thermal Live Maps pinpoints problem areas — such as cracks, leaks, and structural damage — within minutes and minimizes safety risks. It also allows companies to retro and proactively address existing and potential risks, preventing disasters on site, and ultimately save lives.

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Drone Roof Inspections, Measurements & Reports
Accurate, easy-to-use drone services for roofing and solar

Better Tools. Faster Results. Immediate ROI.
Quickly and safely inspect and measure roofs with drones.

Smart Flight & Plans for Roof Data Capture

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    Smart flight and plans for rooftop capture
  • Automatically collect high resolution roof imagery and generate comprehensive roof reports 3x faster than traditional methods.
  • Generate high-precision roof reports, 3D models, and DXF files within hours.
  • Keep your team safely on the ground and your data in the cloud.
  • Drive productivity and customer happiness with 3x faster turnaround times.
  • Rely on an affordable solution built on top of the leading commercial drone platform.
  • Benefit from constant improvements and insights driven by the largest drone database.
  • Triple the number of estimates and claims your team can complete in one day.

Accurate results, FAst

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    Create PDF reports, 3D models, and roof DXF files automatically.
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    Roof reports provide square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, and slope.
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    Make insights, share reports, and collaborate in the field on your mobile device.
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    All measurements are 99.4% accurate.
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    Cutting-edge computer vision algorithms generate dimensionally-accurate 3D models.

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