drones for residential and commercial real estate

how drones have changed real estate marketing

Differentiating property listings through high-quality photography and video pays huge dividends. Today, the latest marketing resource in real estate is the use of dramatic camera drone photography and video tours in online listings. Some agents claim that drones are the most important new technology to enter real estate marketing since the internet, and it is easy to see why. Using flying cameras, real estate photographers are producing dramatic, sweeping shots of landscapes, panoramas of ocean and mountain vistas and seamless 360-degree views of gorgeous home exteriors.

Real estate agents and home inspectors are always looking for innovative ways to keep their clients informed. One of the latest tools in the home buying and selling process is drones. Drones allow aerial shots and a variety of views of the property, providing an added benefit to real estate transactions with beautiful high-resolution imagery that simply cannot be acquired with other aerial platforms. Real-time camera control, live camera view, precise GPS drone stabilization allows us to capture larger-than-life low-light imagery never thought possible on a flying platform. The visual advantages of drones have yielded the greatest results, and truly shape the way that luxury homes are presented on the MLS and on agent’s websites.

drones for commercial real estate

Drones for residential real estate

Buyers of multi-million-dollar homes often shop online first, so they expect high-quality photography and video in the online listing or they can quickly lose interest. It’s easy to see, especially in the luxury property market, that drone photography has changed the real estate marketing game in a significant way. Whether it is simply to highlight the waterfront view, a gorgeous garden, or a magnificent swimming pool, aerial drone photography captures the beauty and the utility of a home far better than ground-based photography or video ever could.

According to MLS statistics, homes with aerial images sold almost 70% quicker than homes with standard or still images. Video tours that incorporate drone footage are also a great way to make your property stand out and can also attract new listings. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 73 percent of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video to market their home; however, surprisingly only 9% of these agents actually take advantage by creating these listing videos. 

a clear view of the land

Drones have the capability to show an entire property, which is especially beneficial when the area is expansive and includes additional features like stables or other outbuildings, acreage, farmland, or even a second dwelling. This can also benefit home inspectors when looking for things that can sometimes be challenging to identify when conducting inspections on foot.
Most agents will generally pay to use drones for marketing higher-end listings, but drone use is gaining traction across other price points, depending on location.

Considering the average low cost to engage ConnexiCore to fly, shoot and edit video for a listed property, it's an overall small cost that will aid the property marketing efforts to move the larger and more expensive properties much quicker. Studies show that on average, the return on investment for the drone shoot can be near 300% and higher, depending on the property and features.

Catch Potential Property Problem Areas

While home inspectors are trained to uncover potential problems of a home, drones can offer another layer of detection and detailed point of view to the inspections. Drones are invaluable when inspecting steep/high roofs, chimneys and areas that might otherwise be inaccessible.

Additionally, drones can:

  • Catalog and thermally map moisture penetration in commercial flat roof installations
  • Locate and map thermal faults caused by gaps in insulation
  • Detect HVAC leaks before filtering into the roofing insulation
  • Safely perform building inspections within minutes 

Utilizing drone technology, we can now assist the qualified home inspector to identify an otherwise unknown issue, thereby potentially saving the new homeowners from unwarranted expense of a previously undiscovered problem requiring repairs or other remediation.

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