Despite the FAA regulations, the most critical element in drone operation safety is the remote pilot’s experience. This not only includes experience with flying the drone itself, which is critical for the safety of the public, but also includes experience in operating in specific industry verticals. The way that images are taken, the overlap between images, the operation speed when images are taken, and other conditions are important for any successful drone aerial mapping project.


Hear What Other Pilot Partners Have to Say About ConnexiCore

  The approach ConnexiCore has to providing great drone services to clients of all sizes is top tier. Professionalism and vast experience are demonstrated in nearly every interaction, for both the remote pilot and the client. I can't recommend joining their network enough if you have a no-nonsense approach to getting your work done and appreciate getting paid with a sense of urgency that's very rare in the industry.

- Stan Khlevner / Airzus - San Francisco, CA

    As a Part 107 pilot, working with the team at ConnexiCore has been terrific. With most other service provider networks it is a 'one-way' assignment of tasks... but with ConnexiCore they value our field experience and projects become collaborative. This results in a more efficient field operations... and ultimately a very satisfied customer. Frank and the ConnexiCore team are Class Acts!

- Steven Katz / Sky Ladder Drones - Los Angeles, CA

    We often hear that competition is the lifeblood of business, but collaboration is the real key to unlocking growth. Special thanks to ConnexiCore for asking us to fly at the Long Island Rail Road modernization project. We were treated with the utmost respect, and Frank Segarra is a class act. Hope to do it again soon!

- John G. Duesler, Jr. / Kaze Aerial Production - Philadelphia, PA

    I've flown quite a few commercial missions with many drone companies, and ConnexiCore is doing it right. I felt my input was appreciated and valued, and the quick turnaround on communications and support was great. In addition, ConnexiCore is the first drone services company that has ever shared the finished work with me, which I really enjoyed.

- Keith Davis / D&Ds Aerial Views - Gainesboro, TN

    ConnexiCore was a pleasure to work with! Of all the bigger drone networks I have worked with, ConnexiCore was by far the most personable, and made sure to take of their clients and pilots first. Highly recommended!

- Elliot M Rouleau / RCS Aerial - Marquette, MI

  ConnexiCore is a straightforward, welcoming company that empowers both pilots and clients to achieve their goals. Their “no bureaucracy” approach to this thriving industry truly sets them apart.

- Michael Lewis / MTNL Photography

   ConnexiCore was precise, efficient and very professional in all of their dealings. All of the communications were flawless and detailed. I flew at 1 pm, had the dataset uploaded by midnight, and the next day payment was rendered. A great relationship was born!

- Mike Raymond / SkyCam - Kansas City, MO

  Being a ConnexiCore pilot and a customer of their cloud pilot portal, I can attest to their professional high quality approach and great customer service. As a boutique regional drone services company, we value their comprehensive solutions.

- Robert "Bob" Guimarin /  R2 Drone Serivces - 

  Thank you, I want to call out the follow-up and great customer service from Chris Irving (ConnexiCore Executive Assistant). She was exceptionally helpful.

I had signed up with ConnexiCore back in August and did my W9 paperwork....but never heard any follow up. Chris Irving picked up on the Facebook chat then called and emailed me this morning so that I could complete the onboarding process. Very much appreciated and I look forward to working with ConnexiCore. Thank You!

- Gregory McAteer / DroneTripper - Simi Valley, CA


ConnexiCore specializes in aerial drone data collection, image and video analytics, 3D modeling, and aerial mapping for industry. Our turn-key approach starts by managing the entire process for you: from piloting the UAV’s, analyzing the data, extracting insights from that data, and delivering measurable and actionable insights to support decision making. We routinely perform these services via our national (FAA) licensed pilot partners.

We are positioned to effectively serve:


About the Role

ConnexiCore is seeking responsible (FAA) Part 107 Remote Pilots with preferably Commercial Drone Industry experience who can pilot missions in support of ConnexiCore clients nationwide. This position is a contractor (1099) role but offers lucrative compensation for pilots who fly and sell for ConnexiCore. Candidates must have a minimum of 50 hours of flying UAV aircraft in a commercial environment. The ideal candidate should also have complete familiarity of the US National Airspace System. Experience or familiarity with data concepts including but not limited to GIS, BIM/CAD, Photogrammetry, LiDAR is also highly desired. Candidates must be willing to travel to customer locations as indicated in their pilot application distance.

Preference given to veterans and candidates that have their own equipment.



Over the last few months I’ve had several conversations with people I respect in the drone industry about the necessity of a professional network of both remote (UAV) Drone pilots and clients to quantify the “trustworthiness” of people, companies, jobs, etc. Yes, there are pilot networks out there and aggregator (broker) services for drone jobs all over the place, but I don’t think something has truly popped up yet to help stabilize and secure our “workforce” if you will. Regardless of solidity of contracts and doing everything the right way, we all risk getting burned by the wrong client and clients risk getting burned by a bad remote pilot experience.

I like to believe that ConnexiCore holds a high level of integrity and professionalism and I’m convinced that we could all benefit from a system of validating actors within the commercial drone realm. Think Angie’s List for drone’s service providers maybe?

With the help of some key people in the industry and some very motivated partners, we have been quietly developing a plan over the last couple of years to create a comprehensive system of vetting drone work across the country. ConnexiCore’s team consists of cloud software industry veterans with many years of experience working in the telecommunications industry with “REAL” enterprise clients. Our experience and acute business acumen presents a unique opportunity for ConnexiCore to develop and successfully manage such a remote pilot network.

Of critical importance to the acceptance of this “vetting system” is total transparency along with proper respect for all involved parties and a genuine spirit of concern for industry growth. It seems like too many of these new, startups are prioritizing their own profit over what seems best for all of us or even bigger the industry itself.

ConnexiCore is veteran-owned and has a growing community of certified, safe and compliant UAV pilots nationwide. We focus on bringing the best of the best pilots to join our dynamic team. 

~ Frank Segarra / President & Founder of ConnexiCore