Drones have become the “go-to” device when trying to capture that right shot for the film industry in recent years. A sizable number of feature films are being shot using drones. When we look at the history of film, there have been moments where technology has genuinely transformed things (i.e. Technicolor, Dolby Digital, THX, High Definition, etc.). Drones are essentially the next evolution in a series of technological innovations that have enabled cameras to move seamlessly and with grace. Over the past five years or so, drones used for cinematography have pushed forward into the public consciousness, allowing filmmakers to do things that just simply were not possible before.

In the film industry, drones have revolutionized the game, wherein filmmakers all over the world use them to capture breathtaking footage and images without having to get a cameraman on an actual helicopter and shoot the video from there. Even with these airframes portable size, it can shoot high-resolution videos that are theater worthy.