Capturing Drone Data Using Lidar Technology



Maude Pelletier was a geomorphologist working in the Yukon territories studying permafrost, generating precise high-resolution aerial images using photogrammetry to get elevation models and more. She tells the story of encountering the first lidar payloads for drones, and realizing how it could make a significant impact to her work. This led to founding a company that created new innovations in drone lidar technology. 

In this interview, Maude describes elements of lidar technology, compares and contrasts lidar with photogrammetry, discusses strategies for creating point clouds, and explores typical use cases.

Today's Guest

Maude Pelletier is CEO of MVT Geo-Solutions Inc. She is a geomorphologist who is passionate about remote sensing data and high technologies. They provide services such as lidar and aerial image acquisition, as well as geomatics deliverables such as mapping, change detection, contour lines, digital terrain models, line works, and much more. 4 years ago, she began an R&D project with her team to develop the first modular lidar system to allow users to swap different components. In 2021, Maude founded Balko Technologies to commercialize this technology.

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