Combining Drone Datasets For Construction Engineering Deliverables



Our guest, Scott Northrop of Drone Tech Imaging, works with construction companies and engineers to gather various drone generated datasets to help them analyze and manage their projects.

After starting a drone business a few years ago, Scott started to explore what might be possible beyond just images and videos. After working closely with a family member that owned an engineering firm, he realized the incredible value that drones can provide to the construction and engineering workflow.

Leveraging his background in software and technology, Scott innovated ground-breaking techniques that combine multiple datasets to create rich deliverables, including DSM, DTM, Ortho, 3D point cloud, LAS, DWG, DXF, and more.

He also created ways to share all of this important data with his clients in a way that was accessible and understandable.

Today's Guest

Scott Northrop is the founder of Drone Tech Imaging. He started out as a Political Science Major, working on Capitol Hill for 2 different senators. Following his entrepreneurial drive, Scott decided to become a business owner, running several companies, including some tech firms. After getting his first drone 4 years ago, he started exploring how deliverables could be more useful and intuitive for his clients. Scott was fascinated by what drones make possible, but also saw an opportunity to make the process more intuitive and accessible for his clients. His companies now provide advanced deliverables for the construction and engineering industries, plus more.

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