ConnexiCore cloud

ConnexiCore Cloud is a collaborative drone inspection SaaS solution that makes it much easier, faster, and less expensive to manage and analyze the thousands of images generated from drone recorded flights.

In addition to the enabling technology, we invest time and research to make your job workflow easy and efficient. By bringing people and data together from various locations in the value chain we deliver actionable data to asset managers. This reduces maintenance costs by knowing when and where to put resources, increasing efficiency in the inspection workflow.

ConnexiCore Cloud is a collaborative drone inspection solution that makes it much easier, faster, and less expensive to manage and analyze the thousands of images generated from drone recorded flights. ConnexiCore Cloud connects core technologies which optimizes workflow and makes it easier for businesses to store, analyze, and share large amounts of data. You can upload all your data to ConnexiCore Cloud and generate smart reports in combination with MAPS to easily share the data and inspections with customers, colleagues, or your field crew.

Lightning Fast Speed

Being able to turnaround inspection results back to your client means more business and satisfied customers. This is why speed is a top priority at ConnexiCore.

Easy Annotations

Effortlessly mark issues in images to point out where actions need to be taken. Annotated images are the key to automated fault detection.

Smart Reports

Generate professional reports in one click of the mouse. Present your findings in an easy to read, customizable format that screams professionalism.

Drone-based inspections and data collection are exploding in popularity. More and more businesses are realizing the benefit of aerial intelligence and employing drones to help analyze the health of their assets in dramatically quick and efficient fashion.

As onboard sensors and hardware improve, the software that facilitates many of the visual inspection activities continues to advance. Have you tried taking photos and images of large project settings such as infrastructure, energy, or large construction projects, then you know it takes a lot of storage and hard work to manage.

Sharing huge piles of images for example cell phone tower assets, construction ground inventory, solar farm arrays, power lines, antennas, railroads, through SD cards, email, hard drives, or cloud box platforms will inevitably lead to trouble, mistakes, and painstaking time.

Imagine a future when you’re on a project site, you push a button and a drone launches and executes a fully autonomous inspection of energy and utilities or a large construction site then streams that data to the cloud analyzing it using artificial intelligence giving you a report while simultaneously pinpointing an exact GPS location of where you need to take action, this is our vision at ConnexiCore.

ConnexiCore is a nationwide aerial intelligence drone services company.

At ConnexiCore we specialize in improving data collection, analytics, and delivering information that transforms how businesses keep people safe, assets at peak performance, and improving decision support. Our core background and experience has been built on delivering the ultimate client experience across the telecommunication and software industry for over 30 years. We firmly believe that drone services are about providing perfection, and perfection is gained by the action or process of improving something in a constant state of evolution or change.