Drone Photogrammetry Advanced Techniques and Applications



Johnathan Smeh has had quite the journey throughout his nine years in the commercial drone industry, but drones weren’t initially on the radar when he was pursuing a career in geography, GIS, and manned aircraft.

In this interview, Johnathan talks through first discovering the drone industry, its evolving technology, and how it’s shaped both his current work and what he hopes to work on in the future (hint: it’s out of this world!). He also discusses unique piloting stories from the field that required both creativity and ingenuity to ensure mission success.

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Johnathan Smeh is a Certified Photogrammetrist and GIS Specialist at Volatus Aerospace and a Certified Photogrammetrist with the Canadian Institute of Geomatics. Since starting in the commercial drone industry in 2013, Johnthan has built and sold two companies, High Eye Aerial Imaging, and Canadian UAV Solution, and has hundreds of flight hours on both Multirotor and Fixed Wing Aircraft. A skilled drone pilot, he is an expert at performing all aspects of UAV service, including pricing, flight planning, data collection, and processing.
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