Drone Reality Capture Technologies For Construction Projects



Drone reality capture technologies, such as laser scanning and imaging, are helping a myriad of construction professionals such architects, building owners, general contractors, engineers and commercial real estate receive an accurate data set about their building projects. Join us as Jared Curtis, President of Existing Conditions, discusses how drone technology, combined with traditional architectural tools, helps provide a comprehensive, big-picture view of construction projects. In this episode, he discusses how drones offer new levels of speed and accuracy, and increasingly allow his team access to spaces that otherwise would be dangerous or inaccessible to accurately document.

Today's Guest

Jared Curtis is President of Existing Conditions. Prior, he was the Director of Capital Markets and Global Real Estate Advisor for Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty. Jared also worked with WinnDevelopment, a national leader in multifamily housing, providing a diverse set of real estate development and acquisitions services. He has a degree in Architecture from Cornell University’s College of Architecture Art and Planning, where he pursued studies with a focus on technology and its impact on the future of building documentation.

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