How Drones are Being Used in Agriculture



In 2017, Kirk Floyd combined his RC helicopter skills and a passion for horticulture and arboriculture to create a business within the emerging commercial drone market. In addition to those industries, he also has extensive drone operator experience in movies, media, commercials and as an inspection pilot. Additionally, he is currently working on drone research with the University of Maryland.

In this interview, Kirk shares some great stories from the field, and how he used his ingenuity for on-location problem solving during drone missions to ensure their success.

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Kirk Floyd has over 1,000 commercial drones hours and is an agricultural spray sUAS pilot.  In addition to flying large projects for Volatus Unmanned Services across the US and Caribbean, Kirk is also a Senior Project Manager, planning and coordinating missions for Volatus Unmanned Services’ clients. His credentials include: Volatus Unmanned Services UAV Pilot, FAA Certified Part 107, Chief Remote Pilot-in-Charge,  107 Night Ops, Part 137 Pilot, Aerial Pesticide Applicator, and ISA Certified Arborist.

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