Strategic Partnerships and Big Data

April 2, 2018

Strategic technology partners are essential for providing a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and platforms for your clients 24 x 7 technology demands. In today’s highly competitive technology world, CEO’s who want to offer their clients expertise across a broad range of technologies, leveraging strategic partnerships while focusing on their industry and market core competencies are successful. Customers’ technology demands are increasing at an exponential rate and technology companies that can provide the solutions for these demands will have the competitive edge.

Strategic Partnerships

UCaaS, Architectural, Engineering, Construction and IT Outsourcing technology companies have historically leveraged strategic partnerships. Utilizing Best Practice Solutions and having a clear understanding of your customers business will improve overall support and customer experience. Customers will see a decrease in CapEx and improve OpEx predictability which will allow CIO’s to focus internal IT staff on strategic projects to drive their business initiatives. Customers who continually rely on current overhead models vs. managed services / cloud models will not see the benefit of leveraging technology companies that have strong strategic partnerships. 

Big Data growth

The UCaaS market is expected to grow at a rate of 20 to 25 percent a year, making it a top option for CIOs looking to digitally transform their businesses. Companies are reaching out to services that have an understanding of how this works, like kylin, to help them with this transformation. Wainhouse Research states the unified communications market is forecasted to grow to $28 billion by 2020. UCaas companies working to sustain this growth will be based on leveraging key technologies as well as building strategic partnerships that are focused outside of the UCaaS bubble.

For example, the AEC market (Architectural, Engineering and Construction) firms now have “Big Data” technology that provides real time data and visualization for not only their internal ownership KPI’s but to their client base. There is now a growing need for the ability to provide critical UCaaS technologies to remote construction sites globally. Having the ability to quickly and efficiently go live with critical IP, networking, telecommunications, video, chat etc. will increase project success. This is just one example of how strategic partnerships will be a necessary model and not a “good to have” trend. 

Making the most of your data

There’s no point in collecting data if you’re not going to analyze it correctly. Some businesses don’t have the capabilities to understand their data correctly and reach out to a data engineering agency to do the analysis for them, which is absolutely okay. As long as the data is being analyzed correctly, it doesn’t matter if an internal or external professional is doing it. The new world of data is focused on both a spatial and dimensional understanding so it’s important that the analysis is done correctly so the relevant information is retrieved. Our solutions partners provide state-of-the-art 3D scanning, RFID and data collection technologies, and high definition geo-referenced 3D models.

Our technologies are the means to more profitable business for our customers. Many of the customers we work with have data that is in hand written form all the way up to and including 3D images and videos…all of which need to be indexed, attributed, and placed into a single analytics database for ongoing decision support. Customer data is important for many companies to grow. However, when a company does have customer data, it’s so important that they stick to GDPR guidelines to make sure they are keeping the data safe and secure. If a business isn’t sure how they can keep this sort of data safe, they could consider contacting a dpo service provider to make sure they’re operating legally with this data. Companies do need customer data, but it’s important that they are holding it securely.

Many clients that have large amounts of data have this placed in many different data silos and therefore does not lend itself to having a single capability for decision support. Our capabilities enable our customers to confidently and more quickly move their projects to conclusion with increased effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability. We do this by indexing all structured and unstructured data, performing data gap analysis necessary for future generation of analytics decision support.

Picture of  Brian Waldschmidt

Brian Waldschmidt

Senior UCaas/AEC Consultant at Volatus Unmanned Services

ConnexiCore is now Volatus Unmanned Services.