Many companies interested in drone technology still think of drones as something that works only for capturing visual imagery.
Of course, drones can do much more. While drones can capture stunning and clear video and still photography in a way unthinkable even five years ago, they also can produce data that produces actionable insights.
Steven Katz, Founder and Chief Pilot for Sky Ladder Drones, said he recently had a client who wanted drone video, a service Katz has provided many times. But after learning more about the actual business needs, Katz devised a three-day program that not only got the client video, but also photos and mapping data that actually answered provided the answers to the underlying business questions.
More industries are now beginning to understand how they can utilize unmanned aircraft systems. “These ‘ah-ha moments’ happen in little bits. With the use of drones becoming more prevalent and those within the industry working to make effective use cases more apparent, over time more people will understand drone technology can give them far more than just pretty pictures.
Listen to Drone Insights and Technology Episode 003 to hear some interesting specific use cases.

Today's Guest

Steven Katz, Founder and Chief Pilot, Sky Ladder Drones
Sky Ladder Drones is one of Southern California’s leading UAS operators managing aerial inspections, mapping, and photography for construction and solar industries. In his spare time, Steven enjoys helping train future Part 107 drone pilots at local community colleges.