Using AI To Automate Drone Data for Construction Engineering



With an aerospace background and an MBA degree from MIT, our guest David Morczinek explores the opportunities and challenges of dealing with large datasets to aid in construction engineering. His company, AirWorks, has an advanced platforms that can transform data generated by drones into CAD, DWG, topography, or any other kind of spatial representation. He makes the case that this type of analysis acts a powerful supplement to the work of professional engineers and surveyors, enabling them to do their work with greater speed and precision than ever before.

Today's Guest

David Morczinek is the Co-Founder and CEO of AirWorks where he spearheads the development of AirWorks’ autonomous drafting technology to advance the application of aerial intelligence and transform the engineering and construction industries. Previously David had a successful career with Airbus in both France and Spain, where he led the first delivery and completion of Airbus’ newest aircraft, and secured aircraft and services contracts of roughly $300M. David holds an MBA from MIT Sloan, as well as M.S. in aerospace engineering from Hamburg University of Technology.

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