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ConnexiCore provides on-demand and project-based commercial drone flight services nationwide to virtually endless industries. With our deep network of nearly 1000 (FAA) licensed pilots, GIS engineers, and photogrammetry experts across the United States, ConnexiCore can be a valued partner for customers interested in leveraging drone aerial data collection technology.

Hire a professional drone pilot anywhere in the United States for services like aerial photography, videography, mapping, or data collection, and ConnexiCore will handle the entire process. Drones provide safe, efficient, and quick aerial data collection for businesses across virtually any industry. ConnexiCore trained pilots and experienced data analysts use drone technology to decrease inspection time, save operations costs and reduce hazardous manhours while providing higher quality data that enables companies to maximize their workflow process.

ConnexiCore operates the nation’s highest experienced network of certified commercial drone pilots who are trained and skilled to fly for a variety of industries. All drone operators are vetted and tested for professionalism and quality.

Ground-based data collection predictably lacks the level of detail and tractability that a drone can provide. While we expect the benefits and use cases for drones to expand further in the future, the technology available right now already offers substantial benefits. ConnexiCore makes it simple and turnkey by taking care of airspace authorizations, flight planning, and compliance.

simple 4-step process

Getting professional aerial drone services with ConnexiCore is a simple four-step process:

  1. 1
       Describe your project
  2. 2
       Schedule an onsite flight date 
  3. 3
       We fly the drone mission and collect the data you’re looking for
  4. 4
       You download your aerial imagery


You can provide initial information about your project through our online drone services project quote form. ConnexiCore will follow up with an email or call to better understand your project and what outcomes will help your business. Our experts often collaborate with you to suggest different options or approaches to increase the efficiency of your project.

Depending on the industry who will be contracting with us, we provide high-resolution aerial images, HD video, edited marketing videos, or the raw aerial data you need for your mapping or other analytics software. We host the data in your ConnexiCore Cloud account so you can easily download, analyze, share with colleagues, generate reports and more. ConnexiCore will provide all the pre-planning, safety checks, asset management, and quality control. As your single point of contact, ConnexiCore guarantees a high standard of quality and fast turnaround time. Working with us is much more affordable and scalable than building an in-house drone program.

As good stewards of federal regulations and commercial drone laws, ConnexiCore will always verify your project meets FAA drone regulations and guidelines. All of our projects use the right drone for the application, all with cutting edge technology for exceptional images and video.

We also offer professional image and video editing to enhance your photos, or turn your raw drone footage into a professionally edited video.

Connexicore aerial drone services for all industries

What We Provide:

  • 4K video for cinematography projects
  • Drone Photography
  • Thermal Inspection Imaging and Reports
  • Aerial Survey and Mapping
  • 3D Point Cloud and Mesh Modeling
  • Construction Progression Monitoring
  • Digital Surface Modeling and Contour Mapping
  • Insurance Storm Damage Reports
  • Power and Utility Inspection and Report
  • Commercial Building Vertical Façade Mapping
  • Agricultural Index Analytics

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If you're looking for a drone services company, or even just considering using drones, call us today. We can discuss what’s involved, review costs, schedule a demo, and answer any questions you may have.


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