On this episode we are joined by Vice President of Sales at Measure, Abigail Lacy.

We explored some nuanced topics in the ever-expanding drone industry—how can you distinguish the contenders from the pretenders? And how can drones be presented in a way that avoids overpromising and underdelivering in an industry that undergoes constant growth and innovation?

“There’s a lot of fluff in the industry that makes people believe that delivery with a drone is going to become commonplace tomorrow,” Lacy said. “That’s actually not the reality. It’s still very much in the R&D phase. That’s just one example of the kind of misinformation that’s been built up around drones.”

Lacy also shared key questions to ask a drone or software provider, along with best practices for brokering successful partnerships and making sure your business needs are met.

Learn more by listening to Drone Insights and Technology episode 002.

Today's Guest

Abigail Lacy, VP Sales, Measure

Measure is an aerial intelligence company that builds software to automate drone operations workflows. With end-to-end program management, user-friendly flight control, and in-platform data analysis, their comprehensive software solution, Ground Control, helps businesses save thousands of hazardous man-hours and create millions of dollars in operational benefits.

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