Social Distancing And Drones

Coronavirus curveball It’s amazing how the world can throw you a curveball when you least expect it. As a teenager, I played baseball and was a pretty darn good batter! I could see the pitcher’s fingertip release point more than 80% of the time and knew that curveball was coming. This week’s curveball smacked me […]

Drone Data: Aerial Intelligence, Inspection Analytics, And Business Value

Today, commercial industries are using drones to capture data that was previously dangerous, difficult, or expensive to obtain. But what is drone data, and what are the real benefits of this new sexy data everyone wants a piece of? What Exactly is Drone Data? Drone data often starts as a collection of images (typically hundreds, […]

Strategic Partnerships and Big Data

Strategic technology partners are essential for providing a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and platforms for your clients 24 x 7 technology demands. In today’s highly competitive technology world, CEO’s who want to offer their clients expertise across a broad range of technologies, leveraging strategic partnerships while focusing on their industry and market core competencies are […]