Empowering Indigenous Communities Through Drone Technology

Jacob Taylor of the Curve Lake First Nation – Otter Clan is the CEO of Indigenous Aerospace, a company whose vision is to provide education and support for First Nation people using drone technology in their local territories to improve their local quality of life.

Capturing Drone Data Using Lidar Technology

Maude Pelletier describes elements of lidar technology, compares and contrasts lidar with photogrammetry, discusses strategies for creating point clouds, and explores typical use cases.

How Drones are Being Used in Agriculture

Kirk Floyd combined his RC helicopter skills and a passion for horticulture and arboriculture to create a business within the emerging commercial drone market. Kirk shares some great stories from the field, and how he used his ingenuity for on-location problem solving during drone missions to ensure their success.

Advancing the Drone Industry Through Government Partnerships

David Heath turned a background in aviation into a career that connects the drone industry with public policy. As a founding member of the PA Drone Association, he regularly advocates for policies, regulations, and new initiatives to enable the drone industry to not only grow, but to benefit the public good.

What’s Hot In Drone Thermography

GIS Scientist and Level 3 Thermographer Jason San Souci takes us on an in-depth exploration of both the art and science of thermography. He walks through the three levels, and uses some great examples of how to combine measurements with experience to get the best outcomes. He also shares some great stories about his time in an Afghanistan combat zone, chimpanzee habitat mapping with Jane Goodall, neurodiversity in the drone industry, the potential positive impact of BVLOS, and much more.

The Value of Storytelling in the Drone Industry

Danielle Gagne talks about her new role as Chief Storyteller at Volatus Aerospace. She will be focusing on distilling drone industry developments and technical information into content that is understandable and usable by all.

Increasing Female Participation in the Drone Industry

An entrepreneur and aviation enthusiast, Sharon founded Women and Drones, which is dedicated to driving excellence in the UAS/AAM industry. She shares how the organization empowers women to connect, collaborate and make global business connections—including the new ConnexiCore Mentor Program.

Advocacy and Education in the Drone Industry

Our Guest, Dawn Zoldi of P3 Tech Consulting, explains her journey from JAG lawyer for the U.S. Air Force to creating policies on domestic use of military drones in the U.S. national airspace. We discuss education and advocacy about the drone industry, and offers insight on how today’s trends are impacting business.

How Veterans Are Finding New Opportunities In The Drone Industry

Our guest is Tanner Harris, President of Blue Nose Aerial Imaging, a Navy veteran and former airline pilot who not only started his own drone services business, but is committed to creating opportunities for others to start and run their own successful drone businesses, especially veterans.

ConnexiCore is now Volatus Unmanned Services.