Drones And Public Perceptions Around New Innovations

How we deal with innovations in technology If you look back on the history of technology and the mystique of opportunities unknown, people are generally scared by revolutionary advances in technology and innovation. In 1900, less than 10% of families owned a stove or had access to electricity or phones, and the Model-T was still […]

Using Drone Technology To Solve Business Challenges

As the CEO of a drone services company, I’m encouraged by how commercial drone technology is being used more and more to solve existing business problems that most people never considered problems. Over the last several years, we’ve seen autonomous flight technology enhanced even further with artificial intelligence and machine learning. I am beyond fascinated […]

The Next Evolution Of UAS Drone Technology: Future Ideal Or Present Necessity?

As I have pontificated in nearly every blog, article, interview or webinar I have been a part of I have to keep up with my tradition and reiterate… unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology is advancing faster than commercial business stakeholders can keep up with. That isn’t anything new these days considering Goldman Sachs has projected […]

How Drones Are Used For Roof Inspections

Whether you are a roofing company, managing a building, in need of a roof replacement Winston Salem, working with solar panels, inspecting for an insurance claim, or any other number of reasons, it makes sense to consider using drones for roof inspections for a range of benefits, including safety, cost, and time. The old traditional method […]

How Construction Companies Use Drones

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV’s)—more commonly known as “drones”—are one of the fastest growing technology applications for construction in decades. While aerial progress monitoring and inspection assessments are the predominant uses today, there are hundreds of emerging applications leading to safer job sites, better dissemination of information, and in many cases, more accurate and precise […]

Drone Data: Aerial Intelligence, Inspection Analytics, And Business Value

Today, commercial industries are using drones to capture data that was previously dangerous, difficult, or expensive to obtain. But what is drone data, and what are the real benefits of this new sexy data everyone wants a piece of? What Exactly is Drone Data? Drone data often starts as a collection of images (typically hundreds, […]

Drone Based Thermal Imaging For Search And Rescue

Drone Team Deployment Search and rescue missions are probably one of the most appropriate missions for any public safety drone team. Last week, my volunteer fire department’s drone team received a request to assist another rural area Sheriff’s Office south of Bedford, VA.  The search began for their department/team at 5:30 p.m. and we were […]

How Drones Improve Disaster Response And Relief From Hurricane Florence

Public Safety use of drones after a hurricane In the wake of Hurricane Florence, information on the physical damage to homes, shorelines, roads, utilities, trees, and coastline infrastructure is still emerging. Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)—also known as “drones”—are beginning to reshape the way public safety officials and emergency responders conduct a post-mortem on disasters. They […]

Business Process In The World Of (AI) Artificial Intelligence

As business and industries have evolved, there have been many innovations that serve to support greater efficiencies, higher quality manufacturing, and smarter collaboration, just to name a few. Perhaps one evolution that still to this day is interpreted differently by many, is the use of the term Artificial Intelligence (AI). Simply put, AI is the […]

UAV Growth, Challenges, and the Future

Small unmanned aircraft vehicles (sUAV) better known as “Drones” can be used for a significant number of purposeful applications, providing benefits such as increased flexibility for data capture on demand, decreased operational and support costs, and reduced safety risks. UAV Growth  Drones primary purpose can vary significantly, from remote sensing to transportation of cargo, as […]